A reverse crowdfunding platform for the Kpop industry.
Create ideas for your idols, and have them come true.

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All of us have ideas for our idols.

IdeaFan is a website that lets fans create, share, and vote, and pledge to ideas to get attention from management companies, who then make those ideas a reality!


IdeaFan helps fans band together to create change in the Kpop industry!

Create and Share your ideas.

e.g. Our idols have worked hard! Let’s raise funds for them to go on holiday, and ask them to record us a fun video while they are there (this will be fun for fans, and they can use it to help promote themselves!)

Vote and pledge to ideas.

This lets management companies know that fans want these ideas done!

Let management make it happen!

IdeaFan will work with fans to develop ideas, and when the time is right, contact management to tell them exactly what fans want, and make it happen!

Management works hard and makes the ideas happen.

Idols and fans enjoy the rewards!

The idea becomes realized, and both fans and idols enjoy the rewards!

Now you’ve heard how IdeaFan works, let’s make it a reality together!


IdeaFan can be used to help management make good decisions.

Stellar should make a weekly video to help promote themselves! This will let fans get to know them better!

This was a real suggested idea that was previously brought up to management by fans. As of current, Stellar is broadcasting weekly via V app on Thursday 6.30pm KST

Dream big, and have your favorite idols come to you!

I want EXO to come tour Australia!

If there is enough interest (via votes and pledges), their management company can make this happen!

Ideas can also be made for community fulfillment.

FIESTAR’s anniversary is coming up soon! Let’s chip in together to get them a nice cake and some nice presents.

Fan groups can run these ideas and use the pledges to make these ideas happen.

Make IdeaFan a Reality

We need your help!

Investors have indicated that they’re interested in the concept, however, to get funding we need to show them that fans want this system made!

So I’ve decided to reach out to you guys.

If we can get enough pre-registrations, newsletter subscriptions, and social media shares, we can show the investors that we, fans, want this!

We will keep track of these with support points.

Please refer to the scoreboard below for tracking of the points (these will be updated every few hours, as I will have to update them manually).

Support Points Scoreboard

Goal: 20,000 points


Contribution Amounts

Newsletter subscriptions

Social Media Shares

Total Support Points

Pre-registered users

Contribution Medals

Made a small pre-registration contribution.
Made a medium pre-registration contribution.
Made a large pre-registration contribution.

These are the pre-registered users that are showing their support! 🙂

Username Website Message
stellar.twinkles Stellar Twinkles Showing my own support for IdeaFan! Somebody else join me! 😀
Bee Mon - This is a great idea especially for International fans who are far away from their idols in Korea
leemasberi () - I'd do anything I could for Stellar. I'm amazed to see this incredible website is invented for fans to give and share ideas. Keep up the amazing work!
J.O. - Hwaiting!
J'el - -
Amy - -
Tumblrist1993 - -
jonard - -
Shinmoetint - -
cemoracu * This is a great idea for fans overseas.
SuperShark - IdeaFan sounds like a great idea to get fans more directly involved and gives us a chance to show what we want. If a lot of people support an idea and the idols can act on it, it will be lucrative for them as well. Win win.
Uaena - 파이팅!
Doğan - -
Ketsu - Nice xD
piseymilyna - -
Elicard - go go go!
NickCaramigo OT4 - Stellar The group [Stellar] is very talented, but does not get much attention. They deserve success and love of many !!
narusama - Stellarfan
saittam - Twinkle
Consuelo - Hola soy de mexico
NaSpBrian - Happiness must be shared and not to be selfish with it
americawx - love it
F_Maddalena - 화이팅!
Stellar México - Stellar tiene mucho talento y debería ser mas reconocido
Glace93 - -
LiceZani - I really like the Idea Fan is very recommendable and reliable
mx93 - i think it's a great idea, especially for us international fans and i'm sure companies would love to hear what fans want as it will probably bring in more money for them!
graffite - -
stellar-a - I think this is a wonderful idea, and I would like to support it!
lulu_1696 - -
jolly ann a jalos - -
novadestin USAwe5omeBaby Giving fans the means to show such direct support would be invaluable, and I hope this site becomes available in multiple languages in the future to help further bring the Kpop community together as a whole.
brian.makestar By the fans, for the fans. Looking forward to great things from IdeaFan!
eunviho yunchangseol An idea of fan can change the idol industry. I support this challenge!
vernonsgf - saw the website crop up in youtube comments! i love the idea of giving fans an input no matter where they're from.
jae svt98'ers -
ChimChim's Wifey - thankyou <3
KimYi- - -
mjkie97 - -
jomaree - A simply wonderful idea.
reneejin - This idea is so awesome!
ShannynMak - -
kokorohxnter - Thank you for making this website! It means a lot, especially as an international fan! 🙂
Bang Phalla pich - -
Alejandro Gonzalez - I am so excited for this!
vermillion0128 - I hope Stellar can come visit Phlippines sometime >.<
JemJem - thanks for creating this ideas to help the idols and fans.
Verky - This is literally the greatest idea ever! I never imagined something like this really exist 😀 I'm proud of being K-pop fan right now. Hwaiting!
ymidlc24 - -
MakeYouGo - Good luck with this website. I hope it works out!
Satidraox - -
TheFinn - IdeaFan sounds a fantastic idea that'll help fans around the world show their love & support to the artists they hold near to their heart!
Denstii - -
Tsuna561 - -
BlockB_BBC - This is an amazing idea and I hope nothing but the best for this! I believe in you guys!
melodicworld - Good Luck ~
⭐Shining SHINee⭐ - It's a great idea, with everyone's support we can make big things happen! Stellar Fighting!!
Mylovefromdaegu - Just an amazing idea tbh, amazinggg
JulioC - Not a fan of K-Pop, but a huge fan of Stellar, the music is very good, cant compare to similar groups, and the members work very hard. All that talent deserve better.
Jaehwaneh - Looking forward to this! This is a really great idea, and I will try supporting it as much as I can. Please keep being awesome!
Soli SD Dracula Soli Quinn -
Infires fairy - -
thaanhtran Cassey CDs SMROOKIES -
The_LA_Lion - I hope we can give Stellar and other lesser known groups more exposure and attention!
MiU - I think it's great you're taking action
officialhoyalty - A great idea that could potentially create an even stronger connection between performers and their fans. Looking forward to seeing the success of IdeaFan!
trentrentrent - IdeaFan is a good idea!
xnamp - Very well done
Bioooze - -
jenni992 Good luck to everyone! May we reach our goals together!
Cryosalamander - -
WhewTaewoon - Thank you for doing this! So awesome <3
purringbeam Tumblr I truly love this website. I became a kpop about 2 years ago and I never knew how to support groups I stan. Until I found this website I understand now what I can do to help these groups. Thank you for making this website and I hope for the best!!
Kamically Hello IdeaFan! This site is a great initiative. Congrats!
photonik69 - -
nes0cr - I am very grateful to the creator of IDEAFAN, it's so thoughtful of you to contribute to this project that surely enough to help our STELLAR
astros This concept is amazing and I'm certain it will help us invigorate our idols! Let's show our strength as fans!
ellarose - -
lauradeth - I think this a wonderful idea!! A way of bridging the gap between groups and their international fans.
CrayexHearts - -
elvenplant - -
Always.0q - -
bhv - -
Keltheresa - Good luck!
stevens_tess - This is a great idea! and also a great opportunity for everyone involved! 🙂
houtarxu - i love this idea and hope it becomes permanent <3 thank you for your hard work !
LifePostKpop - Great Idea 🙂 Hope it all works out. Fighting!!
DiversityNEO - K-Pop idol barbecue party for any idol/groups that need a break.
Mango_senpai - Amazing ! Bringing all together. Hwaiting
hipsterkai - Never give up even when it feels like nothing is changing. You're never the same person you were yesterday, you're stronger and wiser.
gayoung I hope for the utmost success to this website! It's a super great project and I hope that others will look into it and help support as well.

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IdeaFan is dedicated to making the voice of fans heard, and to help idol groups be the best that they can be.

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Dengke is an entrepreneur and fan dedicated in giving a voice to other fans, and making a difference to the Kpop industry.

In his spare time he administers Stellar Twinkles, a fansub channel for the girl group Stellar. He also helps assist at fyeahstellar, and works on ideas to support the lesser known groups in the Kpop industry.

Lately, he has been contributing ideas and suggestions to Stellar’s Makestar crowdfunding project, including the dance cover festival that has resulted in a delightful Official Global Fan Cover ver. of Stellar’s ‘Sting’.

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