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Stellar Support Project

*** Contributions for SSP Season 1 are now CLOSED. Please join us over in SSP Season 2 🙂 ***

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Completed Parts of the Project!

See everything that has been prepared and delivered (or in the process of being delivered!) to Stellar here below.

Support Package #1: Starbucks Cards (Delivery complete! Received by Stellar members!)

Screenshot 2016-06-09 19.59.02    

Support Package #2: Premier Spa Gift Cards (Delivery complete! Confirmed by STELLAR Staff!)

premier spa spa_view_3 spa_view_4


Support Package #3: Chuseok Gifts for Stellar & Staff  – Collaboration with Chinese Twinkles (Delivery Complete!)

 Project Details

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]

Deadline: There will be deadlines for each component of the project (refer to FAQ), with final deadline being when the final present is delivered.

Minimal contribution amount: No minimum as such! Contribute what you want 🙂 But please keep in mind that we need to cover the cost of translations for your messages and such.

How to submit a contribution:

*** Contributions for SSP Season 1 are now CLOSED. Please join us over in SSP Season 2 🙂 ***

stellar cuties


Hey guys, welcome to the temporary page for Stellar’s Support fund!

Currently we are raising funds so we can take Stellar out on a healing day, since they’ve been having a hard time recently, and deserve some Twinkle love.

Updated Present Delivery Structure to Stellar (Last Update: 2016-07-18)

Since we have various parts to this project, we will be delivering the presents to Stellar across a period of time. It will end up looking like a ‘3-course Meal’, with each present teasing on to the next one. I think it will be fun to give the girls something to look forward to each time.

Structure, Delivery Dates, Cost Estimates:

I will aim to send out each portion of the present at the following dates, so please send your contribution before those dates. I will sign off with the names of everyone who has contributed up to that particular point (although I will also make an online credits page available to Stellar, which will continuously be updated).

Note that the costs shown below are estimates, which may need to change a little as we go along.

  • Entree
    • [2016-05-31] [Delivered!] Starbucks Charge Cards for each of the girls (₩120,000 = ~$120 charged each) – Starbucks Cards from Hey Eonni, letter printing, tracking and postage ($512 USD) + Letter Translation Costs ($6 USD). Confirmed total: $518 USD
  • Courses 1-3 (order to be determined):
    • [2016-07-02] [Delivered!] Massage for Stellar Members – $796.90 USD (4 x 220,000 Won Gift Card Cost + 4% Paypal conversion fees) + $3.98 USD Paypal Transfer Fee + Letter and Fan Message Translations ($19.20). Confirmed total: $820.08
    • [2016-08-??] Present for Stellar’s dorm – Budget: $800
    • [2016-09-??*] Lotte World Day Out! (For 5 people: Stellar & Manager) – $550 (Premium Tour for 5 people) + $125 (Lunch for 5 people) + Dinner? + $400 (Possibly more?) to cover filming costs + $100 (For anything else) = $1175 (*The Entertainment Pascal will review our project as Stellar’s next comeback is wrapping up!)
  • Dessert
    • Anything past our initial funding goal we can use for unique things to interact with, and help promote the girls (The details are to be determined). Note also that not all costs have been fully determined, so some funding over the initial limit may go to those (eg filming and editing costs)
  • Other Fees
    • SSP contributor page message translations – Current total: $11.70 
    • Paypal fees – There were some fees related to receiving contributions, and currency conversion fees – To Update
    • Communication costs for Lotte World
      • $12.50 Skype credit for calls with TEP
      • $40.8 Preparations for, and communications with TEP
  • Buffer & Funds for more promotions
    • We’ve reached past our initial goal for $2500 yay! I have used these amounts above our initial goal to add to the budget we have for some of the items above! Note that we may not need to use everything we budget for each event, in which case the left over amounts will carry over to the budget for the next stages of the project, as well as more ideas for promoting Stellar! 😀 (Keep those ideas coming by the way! We can potentially support Stellar’s upcoming V-app broadcasts with this project as well :)). Note that the buffer will also help us cover for any unexpected costs that come up.
      • Current buffer: $419.
      • Costs that still need to be accounted for:
        • Exchange fees and transfer costs still need to be accounted for. I currently estimate this to be about 5% of contributions.
        • Translation costs for some of the messages (currently up to date above)
        • Costs related to communicating and organising with The Entertainment Pascal (currently up to date above)
  • [2016-07-11] Messages and photos of all contributors will be delivered at the end of the project! Postage Fees
    • A virtual version is being prepared, which has been made accessible to Stellar’s members. As a small thank you to the contributors that have contributed a lot, the contributions page is ordered based on the amount you have contributed! You can view the virtual version here.

 Initial Project Introduction:

The funds for this project will be used to:

  • Cover an amazing day out for the girls, and give them  a chance to de-stress!
    • On their April 7th V-app broadcast the girls expressed their wishes in going to Lotte World, so the current plan is to pay for tickets and expenses.
    • I will ask them to take a proof photo or video so we know they got to enjoy the day out.
  • Perhaps get something useful for the girls in their dorm – still to be decided – ideas welcome!
  • Fund Stellar to create something awesome to promote themselves (maybe a video, or a release of Stellar’s recent concert on blu-ray and DVD. Update: I’m currently pushing for the DVD to be released via Stellar’s Makestar project).
    • The thought behind this is to show Stellar and management that Stellar is popular and has a lot of support overseas (this is important to show management how Stellar can become successful, and why they should keep on going). Hopefully this will also mean more products made for overseas fans as well.

Lotte World Lotte World Inside Lotte World at Night

We will also be:

  • Collecting messages and photos from fans to put together as a collage for Stellar. I will have the messages translated to Korean by my Korean translator.

The plan for the project is always being improved and refined, so if you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know!

Fund Details

Funding Goal: 

  • Initial goal: $2500 – to cover the healing day and gift for Stellar’s dorm
  • Stretch goal: $10,000 – to have Stellar create videos to promote themselves. We can have some fun with this – for example for Lotte World, the girls can already double that up and record a video to help self-promote. We can go along that theme and have other fun videos created. Other ideas: create the blu-ray and DVD for Stellar’s recent concert for international fans.
    • (I think if we could raise this amount, we would be able to show Stellar and The Entertainment Pascal how much of an overwhelming support international Twinkles have for Stellar. The amount seems large, but I have a plan to get us up there, so don’t fret!). The idea is to help Stellar in some way to get more fans, or give international Twinkles a new opportunity to support Stellar by providing a new product that we want, for us to buy.

Current funds raised:  ~$4993 collected (across 68 fans)


Contributor Name Pledge Amount (USD) Status Notes
 Stellar Twinkles check Hidden Funds sent!
 Chris David check Hidden Funds sent!
 Chris “SacredCultivator” La check Hidden Funds sent!
Roman Nikolaiev check Hidden Funds sent!
Tiffany Nakano check Hidden Funds sent!
 Trent Cunningham check Hidden Funds sent! Will contribute an extra $100 if initial goal is reached! (Done! Woohoo! ^^)
Devon Smith check Hidden Funds sent!
Joel Francis (J’el) check Hidden Funds sent!
Aleyda Gonzalez check Hidden Funds sent!  Will continue contributing each week until the project finishes.
Bioooze check Hidden Funds sent!
Marius Mitea check Hidden Funds sent!
Alexis Morgan check Hidden Funds sent!
 Mark L check Hidden Funds sent!
 Eduardo P. Hidden Funds sent!
Michael Künzli check Hidden Funds sent! Will fund more if goal is reached! (Done! Sweeet! :D)
Carlos Mora check Hidden Funds sent!
 가영효은미니율 check (GayoungHyoeunMiniYul) Hidden Funds sent!
Alexandria White check Hidden Funds sent!
 The Finn check Hidden Funds sent!
Dorothy Rose L. Silaya check Hidden Funds sent!
 SuperShark check Hidden Funds sent!
Tiphaine Merck check Hidden Funds sent!  Can contribute more in July 🙂
 jackycheng002 check Hidden Funds sent! Is currently collecting contributions on behalf of Chinese Twinkles (Done – wooo!)
 贺茜 check Hidden Funds sent!
 绵绵 Hidden Funds sent!
 波纹 Hidden Funds sent!
 那一抺回眸 Hidden Funds sent!
 Robey Hidden Funds sent!
任慧颖 check Hidden Funds sent!
 大明文忠公 check Hidden Funds sent!
 恋恋夕阳 Hidden Funds sent!
 如來化鬼 Hidden Funds sent!
匹诺曹2002 check Hidden Funds sent!
 楉吴 Hidden Funds sent!
 恋碟天使 Hidden Funds sent!
 图們 Hidden Funds sent!
 湘初 Hidden Funds sent!
 Ellis-David T. Hidden Funds sent!
 Phillip C. Hidden Funds sent!
刺向天空的利剑_Jason check Hidden Funds sent!
Alex Aw check Hidden Funds sent!
Cory L. Hidden Funds sent!
Alessia G. Hidden Funds sent!
하금영 check Hidden Funds sent!
Dat Weirdo Light check Hidden Funds sent!
Victoria Reyes Ibarra check Hidden Funds sent!
Sally B. Hidden Funds sent!
Julio Cesar check Hidden Funds sent!
Mateusz K. Hidden Funds sent!
 Brittany Erickson check Hidden Funds sent!
Trina check Hidden Funds sent!
Sam Cerasuolo check Hidden Funds sent!
Lucas V. Hidden Funds sent!
Kelsey W. Hidden Funds sent!
 Kevin Almroth check Hidden Funds sent!
Amanda K. Hidden Funds sent!
Aaron P. check Hidden Funds sent!
Joshua K. Hidden Funds sent!
Zavion G. Hidden Funds sent!
Ayla Janssen check Hidden Funds sent!
Pchild check Hidden Funds sent!
Florin N. Hidden Funds sent!
Wai O. Hidden Funds sent!
 Patrick E. Hidden Funds sent!
 J Lin (린징샹) check Hidden Funds sent!
Michelle Hidden Pledged
Linx H. ~ To Pledge
Katreena B. ~ To Pledge


  •  – Honorary contributor to the Stellar Support Project (Funds sent!)
  • check – Name to be credited with is confirmed (Name not confirmed? Please confirm your name using this form) (Chinese Version)

Special Thanks

These are the people that have been helping out with the project, and their support and assistance have really made a difference:

  • 가영효은미니율 for helping to bounce around ideas, communicating with Korean fans, and delivering parts of our project!
  • Jackycheng002, Noddy and 刺向天空的利剑_Jason for helping to communicate to, translate messages for, and collect contributions from Chinese and Hong Kong Twinkles!
  • Stellar Space Brasil for translating the project in to Portuguese and helping to promote!
  • Stellar Latinoamérica for translating the project in to Spanish and helping to promote!
  • Stella Maris for looking up nice massage places near The Entertainment Pascal that Stellar might enjoy!
  • Everyone that have been leaving comments with ideas for the project, your ideas have really been helping to shape the project to become what it is!
  • And of course, every single one of you that contributed to the Stellar Support Project! No matter how much you contributed, you all made a difference and brought a brighter smile to each of the Stellar members’ faces, so guys and girls, you really rock.


  • What is the closing date for the project for contributions?
    • Since there are various components to this project, the closing date for contributions will be when the last present is being prepared!
  • Is there a minimal amount that I should contribute?
    • No, not at all! Please contribute what ever you like, but please keep in mind that we need to cover the costs of translating your messages to Korean and such! 🙂

More ideas

Here’s a list of ideas that various fans have suggested that we can do for the girls. I’m liking these suggestions so far – please keep them coming, and we’ll see what we can do to make them happen! 🙂


  • Buy the girls a larger speaker for street performances! (They did their best with a tiny speaker in their People is Good documentary) – Courtesy of Mae.
  • Fund the girls to do a meokbang! – Courtesy of Mark L.
  • Cafe vouchers / charge cards so they can hop in to a cafe for a break whenever they need to for a rest and refresh – Courtesy of Stellar Twinkles, and The Finn

Latest project changes


  • Major restructure of main project to improve readability. Updated some project details.


  • Updated “Updated Present Delivery Structure to Stellar” section with updated budgets, and a ‘Buffer’ note.


  • Updated deadline for project – project now has a ‘rolling deadline’, with final time to contribute before the last present is prepared.
  • Added updated project structure.


  • Improved share button images and texts. The shares will be much nicer looking now. Hit those share buttons at the bottom of the page to check it out! 🙂
  • Clarified the stretch goals a bit more about what I had in mind for promotions for the girls.
  • Added a “More Ideas” section to the page.


  • Added a rough close date for the initial component of the project funding (22nd May, 2016).
  • Added PayPal link for ease of contribution (


Thank you for the feedback in all your emails guys! I’ve put some thought and made the following changes to the project:

  • Stellar’s healing day will be at Lotte World!
  • Took out vitamins and health products because the funds could be better used for an amazing day out for the girls!
  • Added idea to get something useful for the girls in their dorm.
  • Added a suggested target for the project – the funds Stellar wanted to raise on to fund their Sting album was $10,000. I think if we also raised in total $10,000, we would show Stellar and The Entertainment Pascal how much of an overwhelming support international Twinkles have for Stellar. The amount seems large, but I have a plan to get us up there, so don’t fret!

Please feel free to keep sending me ideas via email. You can also make comments in the section below!

comeback 2016