Stellar Support Project: Starbucks Cards Sent! (SSP Update #6)

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Starbucks Cards sent!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been bursting at the seams today to tell you that Hey Eonni has sent out the Starbucks Cards earlier today, and with any luck will arrive at The Entertainment Pascal sometime tomorrow!

Please look at the bottom of this update for some of the photos. You can view all 18 photos here (click the thumbnail, and then click the image again to view full size).

Each of the packs were sent with a custom letter for each of the girls, and a ₩120,000 Starbucks card. Each letter has also been sent individually with tracking, so we can know once they arrive.

You can view the letters that were sent below. These are also available to view on the update page at (

Everyone that contributed by early yesterday (Korean time) made it to the names at the bottom of the letters. Those that contributed after that will not be on the letter, but will be one the contributors page shortly (

The contributor page itself will have some messages from fans translated by tomorrow as well.

That’s it for now. Sit tight and be excited like me for the cards to arrive at the The Entertainment Pascal 🙂

As always, have a great night!

Stellar Twinkles

P.S. I’ll set up a page to keep track of all the receipts and such for everything, but that’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow 🙂 It’s time to bed for me.