Stellar Support Project: Starbucks Cards Received! (Photo/Video)

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Since yesterday, out Starbucks cards and letters have arrived for the girls!

This video was captured by acaever as Stellar was at the airport waiting for their flight to Jeju island (2016-06-02).

The letters that the members hold in their hands (the one that Hyoeun steals, and that Gayoung stares hard at), is from us!

I hope they will enjoy the Starbucks cards ^^

I will update this page with more photos and videos as they come up 🙂


 You can pinpoint the split moment Hyoeun’s thoughts become impure  at 0:24 ㅋㅋㅋ



Leader Gayoung trying to stare through the envelope with her kind eyes, trying to figure out what was in them. (Photo Cr. acaever)


Gayoung replied to our letter package! ^^

Thank you for cheering from afar 😚💕

Thanks to Twinkle who cheer up from far away💞
#Twinkle🌟 #thankyou #谢谢 (Thank you in Chinese) #Loveyou💋



And Minhee stopped by at Starbucks today. She said it was delicious 🙂


A photo posted by Stellar minhee💕 민희 (@stellar_mh_) on

Delicious 😋

Gayoung has also been writing to us on Instagram a lot in English now. She knows we, international fans, are here, and now she’s trying her best to communicate with us too 🙂 ❤


hyoeun twitter

2016-06-16 Hyoeun Twitter update: Our Jaeha is excited 😍
Translation Cr.: