Stellar Support Project: Premier Spa Gift Card Delivery Update

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Hi everyone~ Here’s a small update on the progress of delivery for our Premier Spa Gift Cards!

Yesterday 가영효은미니율 (GayoungHyoeunMiniYul) visited The Entertainment Pascal around 3pm in the afternoon, but unexpectedly their office was closed at the time. Since 가영효은미니율 has to leave on a flight today and cannot make it back to The Entertainment Pascal, we will be troubling the boss of the DAELIM store downstairs to pass our gifts to Stellar 😛

Please view below for the photos.


Outside SOOJUNG building! The Entertainment Pascal is on Level 2. To Level 2!


Ahhh… “you have met an impassable door, and you have no key.”


Back downstairs to the DAELIM store! The owner will be able to pass the gifts on for us 🙂


Gift card packages have been entrusted to the boss of the DAELIM store. Good-bye The Entertainment Pascal, for now~

Screenshot 2016-07-03 11.26.35-1

가영효은미니율 also left a message on the fancafe for Stellar. 

Roughly translated*, it reads:
Subject: [[Stellar]] A gift from overseas fans is in ‘DAELIM’ on the first floor of SOOJUNG building.
Today I came to The Entertainment Pascal as a deliveryman to deliver a gift from overseas fans, however since [it appeared to be] a rest day the door was closed. As such I’ve asked the DAELIM uncle to pass it on to you. Since I will be departing the country tomorrow, I won’t be able to come back T_T
Inside a green plastic bag you will find 4 large envelopes. Please take a photo to confirm receiving the gift cards as well as prepare well for your comeback. So please relax Stellar~~~ (Since I couldn’t see you [this time] I feel a little regretful ha).

* Usually So yeon helps me translate messages, but since I want to get this message out to you guys as soon as I can, I’ve decided to translate this myself. Please excuse me if I’ve made some minor mistakes X) – Stellar Twinkles

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