Chuseok Presents Delivered~ (SSP Update #23)


Chuseok Presents Delivered~

Hi everyone! I’m back with another slightly delayed update this week! Reason being, due to some very generous Twinkles who couldn’t make it to Stellar’s recent Makestar fan meetings, they requested for me to go in their stead. (Thank you for your generosity Nathan8or and GayoungHyoeunMiniYul! Each day was an opportunity of a life-time, and your both helped me achieve my dream of meeting Stellar ❤)

As such, however, I ended up spending a very exciting but exhausting weekend with Stellar (I was so excited I could barely sleep. After the first fan meeting I almost had no sleep that night thinking over and over about what had happened during the event xD). Actually, I want to send you all some of my impressions from meeting the girls, and their thoughts, but I will have to get to those a little later – perhaps after some proper rest X)

Today, I’m really writing about something else however! And that it our Chuseok gifts for Stellar~ I’m writing to let you all know that after some difficulty getting in touch with management, I have finally delivered our Chuseok gifts from Chinese and International Twinkles to members!

Won’t you read below, and find out the events of the day?

First I wrote a letter on behalf of Twinkles while sitting in a cafe
It reads:
Dear Stellar Members and Stellar Staff,
From Chinese and International Twinkles, we wish you a Happy Chuseok!
We thought that it would be fun if The Entertainment Pascal family could enjoy a BBQ together, so we bring you these gifts. Here you will find Hanwoo (yummy!) and fruits (healthy!) that we hope you will enjoy~
Please have a great Chuseok period together, and with each of your families as well.
To Stellar, and every staff member – please eat well, rest well, and then come back stronger than ever!
Twinkles around the world will always be cheering for you!
Chinese Twinkles & Stellar Support Project Twinkles (on behalf of International Twinkles)

And then I sealed it in an envelope


I then met with a new friend in Korea, who came with me to buy the gifts and to be my interpreter! We traveled to The Entertainment Pascal.

We met with Staff, and they let us in. We hefted the 6 boxes of gifts into Stellar’s dance Studio. (The black box holds 3kgs of Hanwoo! The other boxes hold a variety of large and delicious looking fruit).


Hyoeun had said that she would meet us, but she and Yoori were running late. The staff told us to take a seat, so we took a seat on the sofas.

Looking around the room I spotted a familiar poster! It was the poster made by Chinese Twinkles for Stellar’s 5th Year Anniversary. Stellar members had loved it so much, that they had stuck it on their company wall. Their assistant manager told us that Stellar had adored the T-shirts that Chinese Twinkles had made for them too.

After a while, Hyoeun and Yoori turned up at the door! We said our hellos and then I took them off to our presents!

And then we took a thank you video from them too ^^


But, what did they say in the video you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait for the next update to find out! (I’m getting it translated now ^^)

For now you can be rest assured, that the presents have been delivered in to their hands ^^

I hope you all enjoyed today’s update, and that it felt like you came along to visit The Entertainment Pascal too 🙂
Please look forward to the next update, for the video message from Hyoeun and Jeonyul~
Stellar Twinkles

Nyam! Quack quack~ ❤