Stellar Communications Project

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Project Details

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]

Project summary: Stellar has been looking for new ways of communicating with fans, and recently they have started making individual live stream broadcasts using Periscope! These broadcasts are intimate and fun, and they enjoy being able to communicate with us. The girls talk a lot about their thoughts and have fun playing together and with fans.

I want to have these videos translated and subtitled to English for international fans to also enjoy, but am lacking the funds and capacity to do so. So I am reaching out to you guys to make this happen!

Contributing $10 will get a short 5 minute video subbed! [Contribute Now!]

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A little bit of background: As many of you know, I run the Stellar Twinkles YouTube channel where I have been providing subtitles for Stellar Behind the Scenes videos for the past year. While in the past I’ve paid for all translations and performed the subbing myself, I have come to realize that I can’t keep this up on my own (especially with these videos, being fairly regular, and where some are over 30 minutes long!) At the same time, I’ve realised that many fans from around the world feel the same as me and want to make a difference to Stellar. So I have decided to reach out to you guys to make the subtitles for these broadcasts happen. (How can I contribute?)

Why this project? (ie, why make Subtitles for Stellar’s personal broadcasts?)

  • Stellar members want to communicate with fans and have been trying to (Jeonyul has mentioned this in her broadcasts) – so let’s help them do so! 🙂
  • Stellar members really appreciate it when subtitles are made for their videos as it helps new fans gain interest in them.
  • We can help others learn about the girls, and better understand them!
  • We can help fans that are far away, see the girls much more regularly 🙂
  • Subtitling these videos will encourage the girls to make even more of these fun and personal broadcasts! (In fact, I’ve already told Jeonyul that I am looking for a way to sub these videos and she has seen the message :))
  • Creating English Subtitles makes it much easier for subtitles for other languages to be made!

Benefits of contributing to this project

By contributing to this project, you will be supporting the promotion of Stellar, and help them better communicate with us! You will also be supporting me in becoming a Professional Full-Time Fan for Stellar (What’s this?)

[Contribute Now!] [Project Status] [Contributors] [FAQ]

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How will funds be used?

80% of contributions will go directly into the translation and subtitling of the videos. 20% will go into supporting me in becoming a Full-Time Professional Fan so that I can better support Stellar (What’s this?).

Please note that I’ll be taking care of the extra work around editing (eg verifying and correcting the subs, preparing the videos and managing translators and subtitlers) and the managing and updating of this project.

Also note that depending on how you choose to send the contribution to me using PayPal, a small percentage may be charged by PayPal as a transfer fee. I believe choosing the “I’m sending money to a friend or family” option generally results in lower/no fees. You can read about how PayPal fees work here.

How much does it cost to sub these videos?

Not that much! It costs around $1.9~$2.2 USD to translate and sub each minute of video. If 10 people contributed $10 USD each, we could get a whole hour of videos subbed! ^^

Where will the videos be released to?

I will release the videos on my Stellar Twinkles YouTube channel for all fans to enjoy. You can subscribe and turn on alerts to be notified as soon as a video is released!

How will contributors be credited?

I will credit contributors in the description of each YouTube video! Every $1 USD you contribute will earn you 100 hearts. I will list contributors in credits in order of the hearts that each person contributes, as at the time each video is released. I will also credit at the start of each of the English Subtitles that the subtitles were made possible thanks to Stellar Communications Project Contributors.

The name that will be displayed will be your Given Name and Last Initial, or another name that you provide (please email me!) If you’ve contributed to the Stellar Support Project previously, I will credit you according to your confirmed name.

What’s this about being a Professional Full-Time Fan?

For the past year, I’ve been working on promoting, supporting, and helping Stellar gains fans by:

  • Making and working with other fans to create subtitles for Stellar videos in English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Helping to communicate Stellar’s feelings and thoughts to fans (YouTube, fyeahstellar and elsewhere)
  • Communicating with Makestar on Stellar’s crowdfunding projects to shape and improve results for Stellar and Twinkles
  • Organizing and running various projects to support Stellar via the Stellar Support Project (all details including updates and responses from Stellar to the project can be seen at the main page)
    • Projects completed
      • Starbucks gift cards for all members
      • Massage vouchers for all members
      • Chuseok gifts for members and staff (Hanwoo, and fruit gift boxes) (View Stellar’s Thank you Video)
    • Projects in progress
      • Interview with Stellar, to connect Stellar and Twinkles around the world.
      • Lotte World Project (A professional video in the style of a Korean Variety show + Various promotions around it)

Beyond this, I have also been working on developing a proper website for IdeaFan, which will make it easy for fans to create and run their own projects and support their favorite idol groups, as well as eventually let fans collaborate with management companies to have a say in how their favorite groups are run.

Man and Work

To fund this, however, I have been working part-time, and more recently since arriving in Korea, I have been living from my savings. I realize that while I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and would love to make this what I do for the rest of my life, I will not be able to go far without a source of income.

So I decided to get creative. I decided I’d create my own profession – The Professional Fan. I mean, there are professional gamers and video streamers, and bloggers, so why not a professional fan, right? Easy.

But for there to be a profession, the profession must be able to have some way of earning funds. So, for this project, I have decided to take a small % of the funds to help support myself while I work on supporting Stellar. Beyond this, I will also look at other creative ways I can generate an income, as a Professional Fan, so that I can better support Stellar, our Twinkle fandom, and Kpop fans around the world 🙂

For myself, I want to be in a position where I can dedicate a large part of my life to supporting and creating a good result for Stellar, as well as other groups in future. Having a way of earning funds like this will give me the opportunity to spend most of my time working for fans, as well as stay in Korea, where I can make the most direct impact.

Let me be your Professional Fan – your agent – in Korea, to make things happen for our beloved Kpop groups. Please support me to help support Kpop fans from all around the world!

By contributing to this project you are supporting me in being a Professional Fan – thank you!

If you have any ideas on how I can get creative in earning an income as a Professional Fan, please email me at stellar.twinkles[at] and let me know! I would love to hear your ideas 🙂

How can I contribute?

Remember, it only costs around $1.9 to $2.2 USD to get each minute of video subtitled into English! Contributing $10 will get a short 5 minute video subbed!

To contribute, click on the button below!

Project Status (Last updated: 2018.08.06)

Current Funds Available for Subs: ~$25 USD (13 min)

Video subtitling progress:

V-live Videos





Contributors (and hearts contributed!)

$1 USD = 100 Hearts! Credits will be listed in order of total hearts contributed, in the video descriptions.

Contributor Name (and Hearts Contributed)
Michael Künzli (80,000❤)

Roman Nikolaiev (20,796❤)

 Sinned Angel (19,270❤)


 Aleyda Gonzalez (8000❤)

 Stellar Twinkles (7523❤)

Twinkle_JueJue (5754❤)

 Carlos L. (5396❤)

 Lightning (4790❤)

린징샹 (3766❤)

 Hitesh K. (2949❤)

 JulioC (2862❤)

 Bioooze (2829❤)

PridePJK (2500❤)

 Paul H. (1918❤)

Marina S. (1898❤)

 Shen Wei L. (1898❤)

 Anonymous Contributor #1 (1191❤)

Florin Niculescu (1000❤)

Bruno S. (1000❤)

Bailey S. (569❤)

Phil G. (452❤)