*** The project is now complete ***

You can watch the Makestar update here: https://www.makestar.co/projects/singer_stellar3/updates/o/22

Thank you to everyone that contributed!

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Project Details

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]gmail.com

Project goal: $800 USD total (would really love this to be something like $4000+ for the girls though!)

Project closing date: ***Project is now complete!*** Tuesday 4pm KST, 2017.03.07 (Confirmed)

Project summary: We’re collecting funds to give to Stellar members to spend on their Shopping Day-Off! which was made possible thanks to all Twinkles that helped to reach the 700% Makestar stretch-goal! All funds collected will be sent to Stellar members to use at their own discretion! 🙂 This is our chance to let our girls spend to their hearts’ content on their well earned day off! ^^

I’ve been told that the girls are “overly excited” about their shopping trip, so let’s make sure they have plenty of fun on the day by giving them enough funds to spend ^^

Makestar has offered to help us send the funds to the members, for members to use directly on the day. (The previous plan was to prepare Hyundai gift cards – essentially topped up debit cards – and send it to Stellar members in a small safe. This will now be the backup plan in case anything falls through).

Since the girls are having a whole day off, the more we can raise the more they can do! The girls could potentially save some of the money for after shopping to go out and play and have some good things to eat as well~

If you’d like to contribute, hit that contribute now link!


  • I’m looking at combining this with the Stellar Support Project funds, but need to sort some things out first. I will track the funds raised directly for the shopping on this page for now.
  • Contributors will be acknowledged on Makestar (eg a Makestar update) for contributing to funding the spending for Stellar members’ day out!
  • Update 2017.03.03: It has been confirmed that any contributions for this project will count toward Stellar’s Makestar Project Stretch-goal Percentage!
  • Update 2017.03.04: The closing time of this project is now confirmed to be Tuesday 4pm KST, 2017.03.07

[Contribute Now!] [Project Status] [Contributors] [FAQ] 


  1. I’d love to support the girls for this, but I haven’t heard of you before – are you trustworthy?
  2. I have a question!
    • Send it to me here! ^^ stellar.twinkles[at]gmail.com

How can I contribute?

Submit a contribution amount here: paypal.me/dengke (You can also send PayPal contributions to contributions[at]ideafan.co if paypal.me is not available in your country)

  • In the transaction description please write: “Stellar Shopping Contribution”
  • If you want your contribution amount hidden, please mention it in the description as well.

Questions? Contact me here: stellar.twinkles[at]gmail.com

페이팔로 송금하는 법

페이팔 (paypal.me/dengke)에서 송금액을 적고 진행해 주십시오.
(위의 paypal.me가 작동하지 않으면 send PayPal contributions을 사용해 주세요.)

기타란 또는 노트에 “Stellar Shopping Contribution” 이라고 적어주세요.
송금액을 비공개로 하고 싶을 경우 “contribution amount hidden”도 적어주세요.
질문이 있으시면 stellar.twinkles[at]gmail.com 으로 연락주세요.

Project Status (Last updated: 2017.04.16)

Funds Raised (from this project): ~$2858.34 USD from 31 fans.

Total Funds Raised (combined with SSP contributions): $5248.25 USD (Increased Makestar % by 63.068%)

Funds received by Stellar members (minus PayPal fees): $5080 USD


Names will be credited by first name and last initial. Please let me know if you would like to be credited under your full name, or an alternative one! 🙂

Contributor Name

 Stellar Twinkles

 Rachel H.

 Pablo L.



Vicky S.

Anonymous Admirer

Aleyda G.




 Roman N.

 Tony L.

 Sinned Angel



Julio V.

Marko K.



 Chris “SacredCultivator” La

 Michael Künzli

 Kendelle H.

 David L.



 J Lin (린징샹)

 Anonymous Contributor

 Jordy F.

 Justin S.