Stellar Makestar 3rd Project Raffle

Latest Email Updates:

(2017.06.18) Stellar Raffle Event (Update #3) – Stellar Raffle Wrap-up Email
(2017.04.28) Stellar Raffle Event (Update #1) – Thank You For Your Entry
(2017.04.29) Stellar Raffle Event (Update #2) – Please update your details

Event Details

Event creator: Stellar Twinkles 

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]

Event closing time (updated): 6pm KST, 2017.04.23 (1 day before Makestar Project Closing Date) *** The raffle is now closed, and we have purchased the SET8! Thank you everyone for your participation, and please standby for further announcements~ ***

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Event summary

We’re holding a raffle to help raise money for Stellar’s 3rd Makestar Project (So we […]