Stellar Support Project – Season 2

Stellar Support Project – Season 2

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Project Status

Last Updated: 2018.02.09

Stellar Support Project Funds Raised: $2151 / $2000+ (View Project Details)

  • Sub-project #1 – Soyoung Welcome Package – Complete ($165/$165) – (Spent ~3 days work)
  • Sub-project #2 – Stellar Message/Summer Package – Complete ($135/$135) – (Spent ~3 days work)
  • Sub-project #3 – Stellar & Twinkles Eternal Bond Bracelets – Funded ($1550/$1550) – (Spent ~4 days work)
  • Sub-project #4 – Blue Up White Down Season 2 / Prefunding for Stellar member acting – In progress ($?/$500) – (Spent ~5 days work) – **Project on Hold** (Read details here)
  • [SSP Updates w/ No Project] – (Spent ~1 days work)
  • [Future Potential Projects] – (Spent ~2 days work)

* Note: Day spend above are estimates. Sometimes it is hard to attribute which sub-project the work was done for because updates and management cross between projects, however, the estimates should give an idea of how the work time is spent.

IdeaFan Support Funds Raised: $672 (What’s this?)

  • 19 days of work funding raised
  • 19 days of work funding used

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Project Summary

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3 (Who am I?)

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]

Current project goal: ~ $2000+ USD (Refer to sub-projects below for details)

Project closing date: None – SSP Season 2 is an ongoing project where we will add additional sub-projects as we go along. Any funds unused from one sub-project carry over to subsequent sub-projects. Even when the project goal is reached, more contributions are greatly welcomed, as it gives us funds that we can readily use for new sub-projects.

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Project Details

As with SSP Season 1, this is a multi-part project, with multiple sub-projects.


Sub-project 1: Welcome gift to Soyoung ($90 Soft Toy + $75 Fan Message Translations + Letter Printing + Package & Postage = ~$171  USD) – Complete! (Soyoung Confirmed!)

New ETA for package sending: 2017.08.14

Sub-project 2: Thank you present for Stellar (~$60 Matching Summer Cups and Fans + $90 Fan Message Translations + Letter Printing + Package & Postage = ~$191 USD) – Complete! (Package Receipt Confirmation Received)

For end of “Archangels of the Sephiroth” promotion period. New ETA for package sending: 2017.08.14

  • Prepared simple Summer presents and messages (translated to Korean) from Twinkles.

Sub-project 3: Eternal bond bracelets for Stellar members (Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun, Jeonyoul) and Twinkles, thank you for these 6 years (~$1550) – Complete! (Confirmation Photos Received from members!) – Read Update: (2017-12-02) Bracelet Confirmations & Happy Gayoung Day! (SSP Update #53)

Bracelets have been received by members ^^ View the confirmation photos below!

Hyoeun on Instagram:

@hyoni_0316: Pretty💕 #thankyouu #doradora #pandora #bracelet #pandorabracelet #withyoori #withdochi

Hyoeun on Twitter:

Hyoeun: With Yoori👭 Thank you Twinkles ❤️ 

Yoori on Twitter:

Jeonyoul: Thank you~~ Everyone, you’ve been living well right??? 

Minhee confirmed a day later on Instagram.

Minhee on Instagram:
@juminheeKkyak, so pretty, thank you 😍

Initial project post:
To be prepared by 2017.09.24, and delivered on 2017.10.07.

Final bracelet details and images here:

Read this update for the details:

  • Originally meant as a 6th Year Anniversary Gift, the bracelets will be a reminder to members that they share a connection with each other, and that Twinkles will always support them, and that our thoughts are with them.
  • I think this present will be most meaningful for our 4 core members (Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun, and Jeonyoul) that have been through so much together, and because of our funding constraints, I want this set to be for the 4 of them. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t supporting Soyoung and the new member – we can support them in other ways in future.
  • I want to buy four Pandora Sterling Silver bracelets with charms added on to them (like stars), and then engrave each bracelet so that they are unique with the name of each member. I anticipate these to cost around $250~300 USD each. (Note: I’m looking online and the Pandora online store seems to be half the price of everything in the Pandora stores in Korea – I’ll have to see how I can get the best price for our present).
  • The reason I want to buy Sterling Silver is because it doesn’t oxidize (ie rust) and it can be easily polished back to new with silver cloth.

Sub-project 4.1: Funding for “Blue Up White Down” Miniature Season 1.5 (~$500 USD) – **Project on Hold** (Read details here)

  • I’ve been discussing with ImageBand about recording a miniature promotional Season 1.5 for release during the funding process for Season 2. These will be very short videos featuring the existing “Blue Up White Down” cast, and provide interaction between ImageBand and Twinkles during the funding process.
  • This may act as a pre-funding of Season 2 (so as a part of the amount required for filming Season 2)
  • The miniature Season 1.5 will help gather interest from more fans, and improve the success of the funding for “Blue Up White Down” Season 2.
  • Exact cost is still being discussed, but I’m estimating this to be $400~$500 to cover the guarantees (ie the pay) of the actors and actresses 🙂

Sub-project 4.2: Funding for “Blue Up White Down” Season 2 (Funding amount not yet determined)  – **Project on Hold** (Read details here)

Web drama with Stellar members

    • The intention of this is to fund Season 2 of “Blue Up White Down” to create opportunities for Stellar members to act.
      • On a related point, Gayoung got nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her performance here at the Seoul Webfest.
      • If members can have this opportunity to act and do well, this only makes it easier for them to land bigger and better roles in dramas.
      • If members can become popular in dramas, this will make Stellar more popular.
    • Currently discussing about having more/all members appear in Season 2.
    • I’m currently still in active discussion about “Blue Up White Down” Season 2 with ImageBand at the moment. You can sign up for email updates to hear about how this is progressing.
    • Update 2017-07-11: Please read this email update for the details of my first meeting with ImageBand in person!
“Blue Up White Down” links

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Project Outcomes

Since we’re starting a new season, it’s worth beginning once again with our intended outcomes. Last time, we were able to achieve all of our outcomes for Season 1, because we physically wrote them down. Here I will list our outcomes for Season 2.

Stellar Support Project Season 2 Outcomes:

  • Create opportunities for Stellar members to take control of their own futures by providing opportunities for members to develop in the areas they wish to (whether it be acting, singing, dance, broadcasting, or anything else)
  • Make everything work. Have Twinkles, Stellar, and Stellar’s management company work in harmony to achieve more than any of us dreamed possible alone. Have everything work well and be so complete that when Stellar looks back at these days in the end, they will reflect and think that these days were hard, but there are no regrets, and that every single day was worth the experience, the heartache, as well as the joy.
  • Bring Stellar and Twinkles even closer than ever. Have Twinkles and Stellar spread our wings together.
  • And as a final, more personal outcome for myself – Have IdeaFan become successful and well funded so I can make more amazing things happen for Stellar members, and open for them more doors.

Let’s do this again together, as we have done before! 🙂

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Project Updates

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How Contributions are Used

All contributions are used to fulfill the outcomes of the project.

Stellar Support Project Contributions

Stellar Support Project Contributions are used to cover the costs of preparing presents for the members, translation of fan messages and letters to Stellar members, communication costs (eg translation of letters or phone calls to The Entertainment Pascal), transaction fees (eg PayPal fees), and currency conversion fees.

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Optional IdeaFan Support Contributions

Optional IdeaFan Support Contributions are used to support the development of IdeaFan as a business so that it can become stronger and provide better support for Stellar members. What this really means is that the funds are used to cover Dengke / Stellar Twinkle‘s living expenses as he runs the Stellar Support Projects projects, and develops the IdeaFan platform.

Each $35 USD covers one extra day of work (11~13 hours):

  • ~5 hours of project management, business development, and software development
  • ~2 hours of personal and business development & training.
  • 4~6 hours of background idea generation & development (more casual, thinking time!)

If you would like to make a direct IdeaFan Support Contribution, you can do so with the button below.

All amounts raised for both the Stellar Support Project Contributions and IdeaFan Support Contributions will be kept up-to-date on the Project Status section of this page.

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About Dengke Sha / Stellar Twinkles

Stellar Twinkles (aka Dengke) is your committed Twinkle leader within the international Twinkle community! His mission is to empower members to reach their dreams. He is also here to be the bridge of communication between International Twinkles, Stellar members, and their company The Entertainment Pascal.

Through his efforts, he has been able to bring International Twinkles and Stellar members closer together. Through running the Stellar Support Project – Season 1, Stellar members now also know that they have much support from overseas, and they feel the love too.

Stellar Twinkles is also Makestar’s Stellar Ambassador, and through his continuous efforts over the last 2 years of collecting input from fans, communicating the thoughts of fans to Makestar, as well as creating Makestar stretch-goals, has helped improve Stellar’s projects for fans. In the last Stellar Makestar project that he assisted in, Stellar was able to raise 1132% of their funding goal. The Entertainment Pascal now knows the strength of International Twinkles, and have focused entirely on International fans for their current comeback (Archangels of the Sephiroth), creating an internationally focused website for fans, as well as an Official Stellar International Forum so fans can interact with members and each other.

Stellar Twinkles is also always grateful of the generous support that Twinkles have always shown in the past. He believes that it’s because of the strength that Twinkles have lent him so far, that he’s been able to achieve the things he has for Twinkles and Stellar. (I know I always say this, but thank you so much, everyone! It’s a real honor and privilege for me to be here and to do what I do, and it’s all thanks to you guys that I can. Like how Stellar are always grateful of Twinkles, I am really grateful of you guys too).

Stellar Twinkles also:

He is also Gayoung biased, but loves every member all the same of course ^^v

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Contribute Now!

You can contribute to the Stellar Support Project by clicking the PayPal “Donate” button below!

When you make a contribution, you will be credited in all sub-projects we run for SSP Season 2. All contributors of SSP Season 2 will be credited in each of the support packages/sub-projects we prepare for Stellar members. Contributors will be credited in order of total amount contributed to the Stellar Support Project Season 2 (including IdeaFan Support Contributions).

By default, the contribution amount is split into 80% Stellar Support Project Contributions, and 20% IdeaFan Support Contributions (What’s this?). You can adjust this amount however you desire by adding the following note to your contribution: “SSP __%”, where the blank is a number between 0 and 100. (For example, “SSP 83%” would adjust your contribution so that 83% of it goes to the Stellar Support Project, and 17% goes to IdeaFan Support). Please feel free to adjust the split as you desire. Regardless of how you choose the split, you can be rest assured that your contributions make a real difference ^^

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Current Contributors (Credits)

These are all the contributors that have contributed so far to SSP Season 2! Thank you for your generosity ^^ No matter the amount you were able to contribute, it makes a difference, so thank you very much ^^

Note: The order of the list here is simply the order in which contributors made contributions to the project, and is different to the order in which credits are displayed in our support packages (which is based on the total amount contributed during Season 2).

Contributor Name Pledge Amount (USD) Status Notes
 Stellar Twinkles check Hidden Funds sent!
 Julio Cesar check Hidden Funds sent!
Apolochaves check Hidden Funds sent!
 Chris “SacredCultivator” La check Hidden Funds sent!
 Tiffany Nakano check Hidden Funds sent!
 Michael Künzli check Hidden Funds sent!
 Kendelle King (켄델) check Hidden Funds sent!
 J Lin (린징샹) check Hidden Funds sent!
 冯君毅 check Hidden Funds sent!
 juejue☆stellar中国后援会 check Hidden Funds sent!
 jackycheng002 check Hidden Funds sent!
 Deemo check Hidden Funds sent!
 Michaelv口口 check Hidden Funds sent!
 图门卿夫斯基 check Hidden Funds sent!
 范鸣 check Hidden Funds sent!
 stellar的迷弟菠菜 check Hidden Funds sent!
 KJY check Hidden Funds sent!
 가영효은미니율소영 (GayoungHyoeunMiniYulSoyoung) check Hidden Funds sent!
 Cat S check Hidden Funds sent!
 NataliDenton check Hidden Funds sent!
 Roman Nikolaiev check Hidden Funds sent!
 Benedict L check Hidden Funds sent!
 David Phong check Hidden Funds sent!
 CL check Hidden Funds sent!
 Florin-Titus N. Hidden Funds sent!
 Marina S. Hidden Funds sent!
 Nneoma O. Hidden Funds sent!
 Isobel check Hidden Funds sent!
 Lara check Hidden Funds sent!
 Pchild check Hidden Funds sent!
 Maho/Annie check Hidden Funds sent!
 Sinned Angel check Hidden Funds sent!
 Paul H. Hidden Funds sent!

Note: The check mark means that you have confirmed with me that this is the name you would like to be credited by. For those that have not told me the name you would like to be credited by, I will by default use your first name and last initial 🙂

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Achievements Thus Far

In our Stellar Support Project Season 1, we were able to:

We also collected lots of messages from Twinkles around the world which have motivated the girls on (Hyoeun mentioned in a news article).

Our Stellar Support Project Season 2 is currently being prepared, where we hope to have a greater focus on creating opportunities for the girls to develop and achieve in the direction they want to go and are in talks of filming a Season 2 of the web-drama “Blue Up White Down” with more Stellar members.

You can subscribe to our Stellar Support Project email list to join in and be updated on our projects for Stellar. I send updates to everyone on these projects once in a while ^^