Stellar 7th Year Anniversary Project

Stellar 7th Year Anniversary Project

Note: Details to be added soon!

This is a part of our Stellar Support Project Season 2.

Project Status

🎉🎉🎉 Funding complete!!! $763 AUD (money-pool) + $1083 USD (PayPal donations) = ~ $1648 raised of $800 USD (Initial Goal).

Current Funds Raised (last updated: 2018.08.04) View Current Status

* Note: The money-pool is currently collecting funds in AUD ($1000 AUD = ~$742 USD)

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles  (Who am I?)

How to Contribute
>> Contribute here! Via our PayPal money-pool (preferred method).

All funds contributed to this money-pool or via the PayPal donation link will be used for this project.
If PayPal money-pools are not available in your country, you can […]