Stellar 7th Year Anniversary Project

Note: Details to be added soon!

This is a part of our Stellar Support Project Season 2.

Project Status

🎉🎉🎉 Funding complete!!! $763 AUD (money-pool) + $1083 USD (PayPal donations) = ~ $1648 raised of $800 USD (Initial Goal).

Current Funds Raised (last updated: 2018.08.04)
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* Note: The money-pool is currently collecting funds in AUD ($1000 AUD = ~$742 USD)

Project creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3 (Who am I?)

How to Contribute

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Project Details

The “Stellar 7th Year Anniversary Project” is designed as a reunion for Stellar members Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun and Yoori to meet together again after so long. You can read the initial project conception here (SSP Update #58).

The project has evolved into the idea of renting a party room for the girls (SSP Update #59) to give them some privacy, to play together in comfort, and to show us fans the chemistry that we’ve missed from them, after so long.

The intention is to request Gayoung to live-stream part of the meeting and to request Minhee to make an About Mini episode on it too.

I will also be organising the collection of messages to members and the translation of them to Korean (please stand-by for details!)

Project Cost Estimates (Broken down)

Coming soon.

Project Timeline

Update 2018.08.03 – I’ve gotten in touch with Gayoung about scheduling, and waiting on her and members to work out time and details. This current project timeline will need to be updated.

  • [Update needed] 2018.07.31 – Finish creating this project timeline in more detail
  • [Update needed] Mid/late August – Have fan messages collected and translated
  • [Update needed] Late August/September (Tentative) – Event will run for the girls. Tentative because availability still needs to be confirmed with the girls.

Project Updates

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