Stellar’s 2nd Makestar Project Fan-Meeting Photos

Stellar’s 2nd Makestar Project Fan-Meeting Photos

Stellar Makestar Tea-time, Hug Event, and One-Day Date Photos

Download the zip file of all the photos here.

Hi everyone,

As promised, here are the photos from the fan-meetings that occurred for Stellar’s second Makestar crowdfunding project~

Contributors from the last project that made higher-end contributions were invited to fan-meetings with Stellar, that included the Tea-time, Hug Event, and One-day date events.

These are the photos I’ve been able to prepare for everyone as Stellar’s Ambassador on Makestar 🙂

For myself, I was able to attended the Hug Event and One-day date due to the generosity of Twinkles that gave me their spare invitations (thank […]