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Event Details

Event creator: Stellar Twinkles stellar.twinkles-3

Contact email: stellar.twinkles[at]

Event closing time (updated): 6pm KST, 2017.04.23 (1 day before Makestar Project Closing Date) *** The raffle is now closed, and we have purchased the SET8! Thank you everyone for your participation, and please standby for further announcements~ ***

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Event summary

We’re holding a raffle to help raise money for Stellar’s 3rd Makestar Project (So we can hit those amazing 900% and 1000% stretch goals which will allow Gayoung to release her song “Twinkle” with Stellar members, and have subway ads placed up in Seoul during their comeback promotions respectively).

This raffle will give you a chance to win a SET8 from their current project which includes the opportunity to meet Stellar members!

Each ticket purchased will have ~ 1/200 (0.5%) chance of winning a SET8. You can buy multiple tickets. As more tickets are bought, I will add additional SET8s to the prize pool! Any “leftover money” from ticket sales will be used to buy lower level sets to add to the prize pool as well.

SET8 ($832.20)

– Honorary producer certificate
– Signed Stellar album (Honorary Producer ver.)
– Listed on the album credit as honorary producer
High quality phone ringtone (1 per member, 1 group, total of 5)
– One of a kind polaroid picture (1 per member, total of 4)
– Stellar official slogan towel
– Photocard set
– Stellar keychain
– 1 VIP invitation to Stellar’s showcase
– Listed on the title song music video credit as honorary producer
– Stellar mini figurine
– Handwritten letter from Stellar (select 1 member)
* Please make sure you write the member name down in the ‘Note’ field.
If empty, a random member will be selected
– Invitation to the music video filming (visit to set + photo session)
*If unable to attend, pledger will receive a personalized video message instead.
– Meal time fan meeting + Boardgame date with Stellar
*If unable to attend, pledger will be rewarded with a 1:1 video chat and a special gift from Stellar.

Purchase Tickets!


1 x Raffle Ticket - Small

1x Raffle Ticket (for SET8)

Price: $4.17 USD
Description: One entry for the raffle to win a SET8. Each ticket purchased has a 1/200 chance* of being selected as winner for a SET8. Multiple purchases allowed.
Note: 1 ticket = 0.5% chance to win!

***Ticket Purchases closed***

5 x Raffle Ticket - Small

5x Raffle Tickets (for SET8)

Price: $20.81 USD
Description: 5 entries for the raffle to win a SET8. Each ticket purchased has a 1/200* chance of being selected as winner for a SET8. Multiple purchases allowed.
Note: 5 tickets = 2.5% chance to win!

***Ticket Purchases closed***

20 x Raffle Ticket - Small

20x Raffle Tickets (for SET8)

Price: $83.22 USD
Description: 20 entries for the raffle to win a SET8. Each ticket purchased has a 1/200* chance of being selected as winner for a SET8. Multiple purchases allowed.
Note: 20 tickets = 10% chance to win!

***Ticket Purchases closed***

* Please note that the chance of winning per ticket will work out to be a little lower (likely around 1/210 ~ 1/220), as to cover postage costs for delivery of prize to the winner, and any fees charged by PayPal.

** Only one SET8 can be won per person. This is to give everyone a chance to win a SET8!

*** I’ll see how I can do the draw live so everyone can see it done. I may do this via Periscope. Will let everyone know once the time comes!

[Project Status] [Current Prize Pool] [Entries] [FAQ]

Project Status (Last Updated: 2017.04.23)

Tickets sold: 247 tickets sold (Target: 220 tickets, so as to cover postage and PayPal fees)

Money raised: ~ $1029.99 USD

Fans participating: 41 fans

Total PayPal fees: ~ $48.87 USD
Money raised minus PayPal fees (for prizes and postage): ~ $981.12 USD

Current Prize Pool

This is the current prize pool for the raffle. More prizes will be added as more tickets are purchased!

  • 1 x Stellar 3rd Makestar Project SET8 (EMS postage included)
  • 1 x Stellar 3rd Makestar Project SET4-2 (EMS postage included) – Note! There are 4 variants of SET4s, one for each member’s polaroid, but since I need to purchase this set before the project closes, I’m going to pick SET4-2 Minhee, because generally more fans have her as a bias. I may be able to ask Makestar to change this SET to a different member after, but I can’t guarantee this! Please understand~ Thank you 🙂

Current Entries

The list of all current entrants and number of tickets bought will be listed here.

Fans entered~
 Michael F. 🎫 1

 Rocio Q. 🎫 5

 Kendelle H. 🎫 6

 Twitch Stream (Daemagor) 🎫 5

 Aleyda G. 🎫 16

 Philip G. 🎫 1

 Claudia U. 🎫 1

 Vicky S. 🎫 2

 Lucas G. 🎫 5

 Steffi R. 🎫 1

 Jordy F. 🎫 5

 Ben H. 🎫 1

 James P. 🎫 5

 Natasha M. 🎫 1

 Chong W. 🎫 3

 Jackycheng002 🎫 5

 Mer M. 🎫 5

 Norman T. 🎫 40

 Bryan M. 🎫 1

 Noah S. 🎫 5

 Sam/Astro 🎫 11

 J Lin (린징샹) 🎫 5

 P.W. 🎫 1

 David L. 🎫 1

 Jari H. 🎫 1

 Thomas K. 🎫 10

 Xavier O. 🎫 12

 Khanh L. 🎫 1

 Charlot S. 🎫 1

 Marina S. 🎫 5

 HevoGage 🎫 1

 Dana H. 🎫 1

 Josh R. 🎫 1

 Mohammad I. 🎫 1

 Roman N. 🎫 5

 Richard K. 🎫 10

 Paulo O. 🎫 5

 Victoria V. 🎫 50

 K Gibson 🎫 1

 Lina 🎫 5

 Euan M. 🎫 5


  1. I’d love to support the girls for this, but I haven’t heard of you before – are you trustworthy?
  2. I’m so excited! I entered but I’m not sure how my name will appear? Do you guys use the PayPal names?

    • I list names using first name and last initial on the web page from PayPal names. If you give me another name, I’ll list using that name (you can leave it as a note in the PayPal transaction, or contact me using this form: Once the winners have been selected, I’ll request for more detailed information to get the SET(s) properly placed under the winners’ name! I trust that helps~ ^^
  3. If I buy another ticket will it be added to my ticket count or will my name be added to the list twice??
    • If you buy more tickets, these tickets will be added to your ticket count! Feel free to go ahead and buy as many tickets as you like ^^
  4. I have a question!
    • Send it to me here! ^^ stellar.twinkles[at]


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